IN-Bodied Memories – Practice Sessions

in-bodied memories


My name is Uri, and I explore theatre as a process of healing personal and collective trauma. I see theatre to be a community ritual of healing. A ritual in which enter a “collective dream” where we can deconstruct and reconstruct the individual and collective stories which inform our identities. I believe it can create a safe place to engage in collective seeing of blockages, and by seeing them enable movement, towards a new state of being, of self, of community, of world.

We all have a story; the story gives a frame to our personal and professional development; it gives sense to our lives. If we are to heal our broken and traumatized systems of self and society, we are to create containers in which we can tell and transform our story and relationship to it.

In -bodied memories is an invitation to a process of arts-based reflection on the role of place and body in your life story. We will discuss ways to create more caring and inclusivity in our everyday lives.

Creating In-Bodied Memories has been a work of puzzle assmeblung bits and pieces of personal memories within the collective social landscape. Trauma, Love, Dreams, all mixed together, like a cardboard box full of pictures sitting in an old attic.


In giving your attention, and reflecting on an artwork you already become part of it.

But here in this In-Bodied Journey  you will be invited to a guided reflection journey inspired by the video art and take one step further.