A good story is like a bitter pill with the sugar coating inside of it —O. Henry

If we are to heal our broken and traumatized social systems, we must first create containers that allow us to expose, process and integrate our ‘in-bodied experiences’ with the structures and stories of our mind. Theatre arts and mindfulness practices are two old traditions that are effective to this day; they are brilliant ways to create contemporary containers, which could allow us to heal while having fun. The fusion of the personal, the social and the political increases our well-being on the micro and macro scales.    

If you wish to employ the power of visual arts, generative scribing, Social Presencing Theatre and reflect on challenges and possibilities in your organisations and your personal life, cultivating soft skills and inner and inter-personal well-being in your company, NGO or educational institute. We invite to schedule a scoping consultation to discuss how to bring In-bodied Memories to your organizational context please contact us at

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