A Beginning

To create In-Bodied Memories has been a work of puzzle assmeblung bits and pieces of a personal memories within the collective social landscape. Trauma, Love, and Dreams, all together, like a cardboard box full of pictures sitting in an old attic.

It could all seem and maybe is self absorbed, my photo, my story, my need, me, me, me. And it is about me, but it is not only about me. My experience growing up as boy in the Galilee, and all that happened and still keeps happening at every moment, as my life unfolds is both unique and at same time not at all.

We all grow and dream, hurt and heal, remember and forget.

We all, smile and frown, cry and break, shake and rise again.

We all have stories to tell, and we all are much more than our stories.

We are works in progress of a bigger work in progress.

In giving your attention, and reflecting on the artwork you already become part of it.

In addition to that you can choose to take an In-Bodied Journey where you will be invited to a guided reflection journey inspired by the video art.

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